“(Forgetting is) the poison that causes all that passes by to pass away. Heidegger would counteract the poison with gifts from Mnemosyne – memory – the gathering of thought would be the balm to imperfection.”.

272: Krell D. – Of Memory, Reminiscence, and Writing: On the Verge

Gifts for Mother Mnemosyne is an ongoing project by artist Emily Joy. This blog started with the Gifts for Mother Mnemosyne exhibition and events programme in 2014. For more information about Emily’s work see

Emily is a sculptor and installation artist based at Stroud Valleys Artspace


Gifts for Mother Mnemosyne was kindly supported by The Arts Council England, Stroud Festival, The Museum in the Park and Stroud Valleys Artspace.

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Part 1: The Museum in the Park, Stroud. 18th October – 9th November 2014

Part 2: The Brunel Goods Shed, Stroud. 6th – 28th November 2014

Talk 1: Christopher Norris: ‘Time, Identity, Narrative: poems and philosophical reflections’, The Museum in the Park, Stroud, Saturday 25th October 2014

Talk 2: Mark Currie: ‘Memory, Story, Forgetting’, Stroud Valleys Artspace, Saturday 15th November 2014

Workshop 1: The Wanderer’s Drawing Studio – drawing workshop. Tuesday 28th October, 2014, The Museum in the Park, Stroud. (A Periscope event)

Workshop 2: Reimagining ‘Pluto’ – Clay boats. Wednesday 29th – Friday 31st October 2014, The Museum in the Park, Stroud.


Hat, bag, walking stick, boat.

Wanderhut, sack, wanderstock, Boot.

Evidence. A remote and exotic land. A wanderer searching for self, home, origin. A search which restructures narrative, re-imagines and rewrites a private and universal history. The age-old story of inheritance, our parent’s story, of life before ours. Selves before our self.




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