Absurd Labour (rammed earth, table, photocopies on paper, correction fluid)


Untethered (video, rammed earth, cart)


When a Mountain becomes a Rock (video)


Mütterchen (pinhole photographs)


Mute (video/performance; earth)


The Way of the Stars (metal, porcelain, plaster, felt, earth)


Witness, Metaphor and Stenz (plaster, roots, chair, fabric)


Reimagining Pluto (rammed earth, wood, clay)


The Logic of the Supplement (rammed earth, pencil on paper, text on paper, wood)


Mute -The Wanderer’s Desk/Ordering the Chaos – (rammed earth, wood)




Body of Earth , Memory of Air/Dark House (rammed earth, polaroid photographs)


Nothing Happens1 and 2/I want to see my Mountains (pinhole photographs with slide insert)


Retrace: Scripting Memory (plaster, porcelain, mangles, projection, music box, ink, paper, cupboard)





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