Hardwick Residency


From 12th February to the 6th March, Emily will be developing current performative and participatory pieces – which explore the possibility of shared viewpoints, loss of authorship and challenges to a sense of self – at the Hardwick Gallery at the University of Gloucestershire in Cheltenham. This work is concerned with real and imagined personal or public histories; projections of future events; the passing of time and the movement of human and material mass.

Over the month Emily will also continue research into the self/other, memory, imagination and empathy through collaborative ‘drawing conversations’, and – with others – negotiate new collaborative actions that examine physical interaction and verbal communication.

Some of this work orbits the retracing of an alpine journey made 50 years ago, a journey of personal and environmental mourning, the transformation of material through process, glacial melt and the movement of people.


Related events:

‘Land, Earth and Empathy’: On the 20th of February, 11.30am, Emily will hold an informal discussion event with Dr Elizabeth Hodson.

Elizabeth and Emily will be discussing the tensions between personal and public narratives within Emily’s multidisciplinary work and asking what role materially based art plays in both commenting on and facilitating social and cultural change; Emily will start this exploration with examples of her recent body of work ‘Untethered’ which encompasses personal and ecological loss, Alpine nostalgia, glacial melt and movement of material mass.

This talk will trace the encounters between artists and the material world, exploring how artmaking is both rooted in the moment of making but also reaches forward and out, communicating both personal and broader social issues. Art belongs to those experiences that as Fuglerud and Wainwright (2015) note ‘sit between dreams and fantasy – a nexus of projected futures and remembrance which enfolds humans with the material world’. In conversation with Emily’s art practice, this talk suggests a number of routes through these ideas: specifically looking at material, drawing and ground, and asks what role the artist has in the re-telling of current narratives; what moral, ethical issues are raised when making work about current concerns, and what does the artist communicate that others do not?

Joining the conversation is artist Alison Cockcroft who has collaborated with Emily Joy over 12 years creating immersive public events as creative partnership Periscope, and whose practice shares a concern with material and meaning.

Dr E A. Hodson is an anthropologist working in the interstices between art, anthropology and art history. She has conducted ethnographic research on art in Iceland and Scotland, exploring a range of topics including drawing, interdisciplinarity, alterity, the imagination and materiality. She is currently a lecturer in Fine Art Critical Studies at The Glasgow School of Art.

Land Earth and Empathy Story sharing event. Thursday 20th February, afternoon.

Continue the earlier discussion in another form: Join us for an intimate and informal story sharing event exploring shared viewpoints, empathy, our relationship to the land and with each other. All ages welcome to this relaxed and open event. Part storytelling, part performance, this is a change to listen to other’s contributions or to share your own memories and stories in a safe and playful space.

More information about this residency and ‘Land, Earth, Empathy’ talk with Dr Elizabeth Hodson here

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