Another way to fail

another way to fail installation set up

Another Way to Fail is the title both of a finished drawing and of an on-going process. The process involves another drawing which is currently displayed as part of a group exhibition. The process is, first, that of the method of drawing that I am making increasingly restrictive with each successive drawing and, second, that of inviting the public to participate in this method.

The method demands that the drawing be made in a way that eliminates as much as possible any subjectivity, imagination and memory that is part of the transfer between looking and drawing, to attempt to create an accurate representation of the subject. The method also acknowledges that this is an impossible task. The public is invited to erase any parts of the drawing that are not accurate.

The public is invited to consider their viewpoint, their sight, their physical position. They are also invited to consider their feelings regarding altering and erasing someone’s work, their own subjectivity and imagination and their relationship with truth, absolutism and relativism.

materials: paper, black biro, correction fluid.

Subject: Dried pomegranate plant hung upside down.

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