Repetition is not simply the taking up of something past. To fetch back again is to carry existence forward”. (247: Krell)

(A return. revisiting, repetition; the language of memory and of the past).zuruck

And the future? The imagined, projected future is the past brought forward again: The zu is a zuruck, the going-to is a return. The going-to is a return. In memory we encounter a rocking movement of time, the future bending back on itself to remember this present and it becomes past. The future, the stable upon-which of projection – the positive, driving ‘yes’ of the future – becomes unstable.

What ‘is now’ and who the self is now (this instant? this coarse block-of-becoming that the self names an instant) is released out of the motion of the future becoming the past; the constant flow that the self understand as seconds, minutes, memorable (holdable) fragments with which to create a stable self. 

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