Zu. To. Going to.spoor

It is the first leg of the long path of unforgetting, the part that is forgetting. Spoors laid to be retraced.

Everything begins by remembering. Where is the wanderer wandering to? The future, nothing else but the future. The future begins with remembering. The present is triggered by forgetting.  “If human existence is pre-eminently cast into a future and is a vector for possibilities, it is only because… a future forgetfulness has interrupted the flux with… an instance of memory” (Krell: 273).

The movement that is the present is triggered by forgetting, by loss, by mourning and remembrance. Mourning that does not allow rest. It pushes ahead. Wanting to remember, to retrace what has been lost in the now, from the secure, achieved position of the future.

‘the desire to think and speak in memory… is the intense desire for and affirmation of the future’. (Krell 288)


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