language and soil relate to one another in terms of matter and space. Both originally and presently, language develops and regenerates potential matter in space; it is (raw, sound) material that brings about (potential) space. But only, or at least fundamentally, the German language… has this regenerating power… because it actualises archetypes – a humus made of concepts”. (Beuys J, The Essential Beuys, 29)

Here are two chairs filled, no, inhabited, by a mute block of earth, dead and dumb. Uncomfortable and polite. Little mothers. Little chairs. Big chairs. Unusable, blocked and mute.


Blocked and mute, now there’s a dead end. A stuffed mouth, rammed earth. Blinded to searching, blinded to trace, remembering blind. Mute memory, blocked memory. The future made from these blocked mute traces.


Pounding blind.


Like a peg-leg stamping, a blind man’s stick searching tapping. Stamp stamp stamp on and on.


Yes yes yes (we say blindly to the future!) but what what what?


Blind club block-head swinging smelling in the dark, banging into everything and always on. Making the future blind. Making the future, blind.




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