Future Passing

How is a future passing imagined? Unlike the past passing, the future passing (imagined through a multitude of forward-projected past-passings) appears unstable, there appear to be no relics, no evidence or trace either external or in memory. We are in the realm of imagination.

But no more so than in memory. Both are based on experience, both are constructed, both imagined.

One appears to describe a single event although the reading of that event is informed by many other events. The other knows it is based on many events yet ultimately attempts to describes the singular.

pic 1

Above: Mütterchen, pinhole photograph.

In Circumfession, Derrida writes about his mother who although alive does not recognise him. Foreseeing and in some way experiencing her future passing, he sees his own death in her imminent death;

“I weep like my own children on the edge of my grave” (41: Derrida J. Circumfession).

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