I am starting to write up notes from the last year of reading. Where to start in the middle of this project. In the middle, on the periphery, one end or the other? Sorting and sifting through ideas and fragments and slowly tying up ends and joining and stitching and mending broken thought spoors.

So here I will post some of these fragments, dots to be joined as the months go by. But not a linear trace, rather a field of dots to be viewed through half closed eyes.


“A work of art speaks in chorus of its maker’s work, its place in culture, its materials and economics. In speaking it needs to be in relation, desires attendance… acts of faith in a world that is constantly being made and is never finished. The persistence of its processes refuses a state of completion.”.

(Solnit R. As Eve Said to the Serpent: On Landscape, Gender and Art)

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